Wanted FM is 3 Years Old...

Wanted FM today (13th March 2021) is 3 years old and were sharing our gifts with you - with some amazing competitions you can get involved in right now and take a look back on our different logo's over the years and some past website designs too! 

Wanted FM was founded back in March 2018, with the ambition to make a online radio that is dedicated in providing entertainment of all kinds - and to build a diverse and supportive community. We have still got a lot of work to do, but we're on a straight road and stay committed in listening to your feedback on a regular basis to give you more of what you want - to the highest standards.

We would like to take this time to also thank all of our Radio DJ's and Presenters, alongside Media Reporters, Events Staff, Team Leaders, Management, Administration and our Parent Company.

But more importantly - YOU!   - Our Listener.

Without the help and support without people like you and our voluntary team members - The Wanted FM brand would not be where it is today.
The continued support keep's us motivated in innovating in new technologies and ideas for the better future of Wanted FM.

Wanted FM is a non-profit radio in which means all monies raised is directed back into the operating costs of the station, this is solely funded from the Director's pockets - to help support the station and for the first time ever you can now Donate to Wanted FM using Square Inc.

We are hosting a competition which is open until 23:59 (11:59pm) GMT+00:00 and giving two people the chance of winning a £15/$15/15EUR gift card of their choice.  To enter click here.

Make sure you Tune In to Wanted FM via the website, TuneIn app, Google or Alexa Smart Speaker (say Play 'Wanted FM') for two competitions hosted during the day - Live on-air competitions will require you to input your answer via this website using the Requests Line.

For a trip down memory lane - here's a little collection.

We have put together a collection of our previous logo designs throughout time to present.
Each logo includes the date in service and a description.

Our First Logo

Untitled design (4).png (557 KB)

This was Wanted FM's first logo. The green 'Wanted FM' logo was different for each of our sister stations.

At the time (in March 2018) we operated three genre specific sister stations which consisted of Wanted FM, Wanted Dance and Wanted Rap. In this image you can see all three of our logos that were used on our website(s) and social platforms.

2) Our Second Logo

Untitled design (3).png (43 KB)

This logo was present from August 2018 - however it was short-lived.

We seemed to make a mistake with this logo and never sat right with us... or anyone really. The logo was present for half a day before being removed for something better. It's terrible... we know!

3) Our third logo

Untitled design (5).png (198 KB)

This logo was present from August 2018 - it replaced that terrible one above this one.

We really went minimalistic and changed the design completely compared to last revision.

On this one we followed the same concept as the original logo(s) and made each logo colour unique for our sister stations

1) The Rainbow 'W' was for Wanted FM.
2) The Purple 'W' was for Wanted Dance (now WFM Dance).
3) and The Blue 'W' was for Wanted Rap (now WFM Xtra).

It remained our logo until July 2019.

4) Our fourth logo

Wanted (1).png (17 KB)

This logo was present from July 2019 until around October/November of the same year.

There was something about this logo which we all liked... but we wasn't quite sure what it was.

Right before it's retirement in late October / November of 2019 - we decided that it would be good to simplify the logo to just the 'Graphic' behind 'The Wanted Network - The Home of Online Radio' text.

This logo was also the first year we introduced The Wanted Network branding in which allowed Listeners to remeber us more easily - without the need to remember 3 different station names.

Sadly this was the same year Wanted FM announced Wanted Dance and Wanted Rap would be discontinued... temporarily. 

5) Our fifth logo

20200902_104005.png (13 KB)

This was our longest serving logo - it was present from November 2019 - March 2021.

Following feedback from a survey on Discord and our website in 2019 - we asked various questions about people's views/suggestions/feedback that have on Wanted FM.

Based on that feedback we knew our listeners wanted something quick, easy and better to know us by - including a better designed logo which is simple and modern looking.  

During the design of the logo we decided to 'The Wanted Network' branding and instead use WFM or WFM Network.

This logo has been seen in various different colours include Rainbow, Pink and more - usually for various events / holidays around the world.

We are planning to revise this logo in the near future.

In 2021 we reintroduced Wanted Rap as WFM Xtra and will be releasing WFM Dance soon.

6) Our sixth logo

WFMNEWLogoMarch2021.png (10 KB)

This is our most recent logo - and is currently in operation.  This logo is from March 2021 - Present.

In this logo we decided to incorporate the same styling as the previous - however modernise it and improve on the earlier design.

In this logo we changed the font style to Lato Bold - added a 'slanted' rectangle to the background which is either black or white (depending on the page colour). 

The text 'WFM' is using letter spacing of -0.32 in Lato Bold and will match the colour of the page.  For example if the content background colour is blue - the text will also be blue.   This creates the illusion of the font 'disapperaring' and/or blending in.

We are in the process (as of March 2021) incorporating our new logo on all content - replacing the one previous.


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