Interested in becoming a Partner?! We are always looking for new partners to team up and collaborate with, all our partners share the same vision, passion or all aim to deliver outstanding and entertaining content for its users.  

If your project, business or website sounds like us then drop us an email via our Contact us page and we will endeavour to respond within 72 hours.

Our Partners help support The Wanted Network by helping us during events, competitions and the day to day running of the Network.    We couldn't do half of what we do without our Partners so be sure to say 'Thank You' when you see them about. 

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Internet Radio is a online community forum dedicated to online and commercial radio.  They also feature an in-house advertisting platform.  Wanted FM uses it's forum to display promotional content.

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unmuted. Limited
un_muted (unmuted.) is an Radio Media Company which offer high-end SHOUTcast hosting platforms.  Previously known as the company has since rebranded and offering a wider-range of services in which Wanted FM uses to broadcast our content to you.

RadioKing offer a wide range of services built with radios in mind.   Every inch of RadioKing's platform is any Radio Stations dream with Web Hosting, Radio Hosting and much more.  Wanted FM uses it's Hosting to optimise our content further and help it reach a wider audience.

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ONESHOT Media Limited
ONESHOT Media is an established Media Company which boasts a healthy portfolio of Online Radios, Website Hosting companies and other hosting related services under ONESHOT Media's control. Since rebranding the Company has introduced new branding across all of it's offering(s) and service(s).   

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San Andreas Roleplay (SARP).
SARP is an Online FiveM Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay server offering custom content, modifications, various different in-game stations (including Wanted FM live) and roleplay (of-course).  SARP let's users roleplay as Police Officers, Fire Crew or Paramedics (and more).


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